Franklin Modern & Contemporary Door Pulls | Handles for Entry Entrance Gate | Chrome Mirror Polish Brushed Satin Stainless Steel

Franklin Door Handles|Pulls


  • KeyTiger‘s modern & beautiful door handle and door pull design guarantees to transform any entrance or room into a contemporary, lush paradise.
  • Made from high-strength , high-endurance Stainless Steel 304 alloy material for rust, corrosion and stain resistance and rugged usage.
  • Mountable on all types of doors including but not limited to glass, wooden, metal & fiberglass doors.
  • Each door handle purchase come in pairs (2 handles - front & back). For double doors, 2 pairs are required.
  • All accessories provided including set screws, allen wrench and 2 pairs of bolts – shorter bolts (1.7 inches long) for glass/normal doors and longer bolts (3.3 inches long) for thicker doors & gates.
  • The bolts provided allow for installation on door thicknesses up to ~2.2 inches maximum. For special bolts to allow for installation up to ~3.2 inches, please contact us. Bolts are M8 X 1.25 thread types.
  • A single pair may also be used on one side (e.g. front) of a double door but may require special length bolts depending on the thickness of the door.
  • Single-sided decorative fittings are available.
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Applications: Glass & Wooden Door|Bathroom|Entry Gate|Drawer|Cabinet|Shoplots|Long|Large|Modern|Contemporary|Hardware|Entrance Door|Handlesets|Exterior & Interior Doors| Shower Doors Pulls & Handles Finishes: Black Satin Finish|Brushed Stainless Steel|Chrome Mirror-Polish|Antique Bronze|Antique Copper|Black Painted|Nickel-Satin|Gold-Plated|Wood