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Part Number & Model Name Cross-Reference (Effective 08DEC2014)

Previous Part Number Previous Model Name New Part Number New Model Name
KT3001-450-01 Apollo KT3001-450-32-01 Carnegie
KT3001-600-01 Apollo KT3001-600-32-01 Carnegie
KT3001-900-01 Apollo KT3001-900-38-01 Carnegie
KT3001-1200-01 Apollo KT3001-1200-38-01 Carnegie
KT3001-1800-01 Apollo KT3001-1800-38-01 Carnegie
KT3001-900-02 Apollo KT3001-900-38-02 Carnegie
KT3001-1200-02 Apollo KT3001-1200-38-02 Carnegie
KT3001-1800-02 Apollo KT3001-1800-38-02 Carnegie
KT3119-600-01 Ares KT3119-600-32-21 Eisenhower
KT3119-900-01 Ares KT3119-900-38-21 Eisenhower
KT3119-1200-01 Ares KT3119-1200-38-21 Eisenhower
KT3119-1800-01 Ares KT3119-1800-38-21 Eisenhower
KT3004-400-01 Hermes KT3004-400-25-01 Franklin
KT3004-600-01 Hermes KT3004-600-32-01 Franklin
KT3004-900-01 Hermes KT3004-900-32-01 Franklin
KT3007-400-01 Phoebe KT3007-400-25-01 Jefferson
KT3007-600-01 Phoebe KT3007-600-32-01 Jefferson
KT3007-800-01 Phoebe KT3007-800-32-01 Jefferson
KT3008-400-01 Poseidon KT3008-400-25-01 JFK
KT3008-600-01 Poseidon KT3008-600-32-01 JFK
KT3008-800-01 Poseidon KT3008-800-32-01 JFK
KT3011-600-01 Zeus KT3011-600-32-01 Lincoln
KT3011-900-01 Zeus KT3011-900-38-01 Lincoln
KT3014-400-01 Aphrodite KT3014-400-3825-01 Rockefeller
KT3014-600-01 Aphrodite KT3014-600-3825-01 Rockefeller
KT3014-800-01 Aphrodite KT3014-800-3825-01 Rockefeller
KT3014-1200-01 Aphrodite KT3014-1200-3825-01 Rockefeller
KT3015-600-01 Athena KT3015-600-2538-01 Roosevelt
KT3015-800-01 Athena KT3015-800-2538-01 Roosevelt
KT3015-1200-01 Athena KT3015-1200-2538-01 Roosevelt
KT3254-450-01 Nike KT3254-450-4010-01 Vanderbilt
KT3254-600-01 Nike KT3254-600-4010-01 Vanderbilt
KT3254-800-01 Nike KT3254-800-4010-01 Vanderbilt

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